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Professional learning

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg

Renowned Child Psychologist, Michael Carr-Gregg presented his thoughts on mental health to over 350 teachers from the Cessnock Community of Great Public Schools (CCGPS).

Stronger Smarter

Since 2006, the Stronger Smarter Institute has been working across Australia with school and community leaders committed to creating Stronger Smarter realities for Indigenous children. Read about a CCGPS staff member's experiences at the training on the 'initiatives' page.


QuickSmart is a 6 workshop training package that caters for teachers and School Learning Support Officers. The program teaches children to develop strong neural pathways and to increase the speed and accuracy of numeracy skills. It aims to raise students' level of skills so they can participate in normal classroom activities with confidence


MultiLit, also known as ‘Making Up Lost Time in Literacy' is a leader in effective literacy instruction in Australasia. It provides assistance to thousands of low-progress readers by finding out what skills students do have and which areas are cause for concern and to fill in their knowledge with direct, systematic and intensive teaching and/or tutoring of these skills.

Focus on reading Year 3 to Year 6

Focus on reading Year 3 to Year 6 is an intensive professional learning program for teachers to support the explicit teaching of the key aspects of reading in the middle and upper primary years, namely comprehension, vocabulary and reading text fluency. The program draws from a sound research base that justifies the need for these key aspects to be at the forefront of literacy teaching and learning in the middle years.

Accelerated Literacy

Accelerated Literacy (AL) is an holistic approach to teaching literacy. It doesn't simply teach spelling, grammar and vocabulary. It also teaches the ways of thinking – the discourses, or cultural knowledge – that underpin what these mean. This knowledge is an essential part of being able to decode text and therefore succeed educationally. 

Australian Curriculum

Collaborative workshops have been taking place across CCGPS for the introduction of the national curriculum to facilitate a smooth transition and effective implementation.

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