Cessnock Community of Great Public Schools (CCGPS)

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Kitchener Public School

Kitchener Public School is a small school located six kilometres south of Cessnock. During 2009 the school introduced a Positive Behaviour for Learning program, promoting the universals of Safety, Respect and Responsibility.

Kitchener Public School's mission statement emphasises high standards in a happy, friendly environment with students, parents and staff working co-operatively. The school motto is 'One for All'.

The school promotes individual progression and attainment, especially focussing on academic, social, sporting and environmental areas. Community participation is high.

Both parent bodies, our School Council and Parents and Citizens function well, assisting the school with important decision making, especially School Management (Plan/Budget/Policies/School Evaluations) as well as building submissions, charity fund-raising, curriculum days, environmental days and Clean-up Australia.

Parents and community members also participate in supporting computer programs in the classroom, Reading/Maths groups, excursions and sporting carnivals.

Recent achievements include pleasing NAPLAN results, successful building upgrades, an excellent computer laboratory and Smartboards in every classroom.

Contact Information

Catherine Boorer
38 Richmond Street
Kitchener NSW 2315
Phone: 02 4990 2974
Email: kitchener-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au
Website: Kitchener Public School.