Cessnock Community of Great Public Schools (CCGPS)

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The schools of CCGPS collaborate to develop and implement a range of initiatives that benefit all students and families within in the Cessnock community. Using shared ideas and resources, schools have been able to pool together funds and expertise to implement programs such as Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) which provides a consistent set of expectations and language across all school settings, while encouraging students to work towards common goals through an incentive-based rewards system.


Community based initiatives have been developed by the CCGPS to benefit the wider community. This program linked with local businesses to promote reading in preschool aged children by placing red boxes of books in businesses across the town for the children of customers to read while in the store.

Initiatives developed and implemented by the CCGPS in recent years include:

  • Kindergarten speech pathology program
  • Improved attendance campaigns
  • Books in Homes reading program for Aboriginal students
  • Professional learning for staff
  • Sharing of information between schools
  • Transition programs for Year 6 students going to high school
  • Transition programs for Aboriginal students starting Kindergarten
  • Developing partnerships between primary and high school Aboriginal students through camps and programs such as PhotoVoice.