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Attendance campaign

Make Each Day Count!

During Education Week the Cessnock Community of Great Public Schools (CCGPS) announced the launch of its campaign aimed at improving student attendance.   The intention of this proactive initiative is to work collaboratively with students, parents, staff and community, across all Cessnock public schools to develop and foster a shared commitment to improving attendance.

Each of our schools will soon begin to promote a consistent message. That message is to "Make Each Day Count. There is considerable evidence which shows clearly, that higher rates of attendance at school are related to higher achievement.  It unquestionably shows that ‘turn up = grades up.'

Each of the 16 schools have begun implementation of a new data accountability tool which enables schools to track the attendance of each student more effectively and strategically.  The schools believe this ability to consistently monitor, communicate and implement strategies to improve regular school attendance will benefit both the safety and the achievement levels of students.

As a group of schools we are committed to making student attendance a ‘big deal.'  In doing so, we plan to provide consistent messages to our school communities about attendance, and employ strategies including working with students and parents,  a ‘no-tolerance' approach to unexplained absences, and the introduction of incentive and reward programs, to meet an attendance improvement target across our group of schools.

CCGPS will continue to focus on the provision of quality teaching and support for student wellbeing and we hope that by involving students in better understanding their own attendance rates and garnering the support of the community, we can create a sustainable trend for improved attendance to "Make Each Day Count.