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Starting a new school is a very important step in a child's life and can raise many different emotions in both the child and the parents/carers. CCGPS schools run many programs to ensure a smooth transition to primary school, high school and beyond so that all students are given the best possible start to school.

Below you will find some information on programs and activities that our schools provide and links to some useful articles and videos that may help. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact your local primary or high school.

Transition into kindergarten

School programs and activities that can help with the transition to Kindergarten:

  • extensive orientation programs
  • parent information sessions
  • screening to ensure early intervention if problems arise
  • peer support programs


Transition to high school

School programs and activities include:

  • orientation days 
  • middle school programs, where Year 6 students participate in a series of lessons targeting students with strengths in Science and the Arts
  • mini-lessons where students visit their local high school and experience hands-on lessons
  • lessons at the primary school by a high school teacher
  • specialised programs for students with special needs to prepare them for success and comfort in the high school setting, such as Jump Start
  • additional fun days targeting engagement in maths and science
  • teachers sharing information and expertise across the two settings through regular meetings
  • peer support programs.


Preparing for High School

Selective High Schools: Year 7 Placement

The Next Big Step: Understanding Your Child's Schoolwork

The Next Big Step: How Parents Can Help

Ready For High School Checklist

Tips for Starting High School

Transition into the workforce

School programs and activities:

  • work experience
  • work placement for the integration of disadvantaged students
  • careers excursions
  • careers expos
  • careers advisers
  • presentations by representatives from the workforce such as Polytech, Xstrata and Defense Recruiting
  • opportunities to obtain OH&S greencard
  • programs such a Try a Trade
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses

Transition to a new school

The article Smoothing the Way When Your Child Changes Schools from School A to Z explains how parents can help their kids to make a smooth transition into another school.